Traditional delivery through CDN means buffering during peak hours, or complicated and expensive load balancing solutions. VoddlerNet™ improves performance during high load.


By offloading most of your traffic from CDN to P2P traffic, VoddlerNet™ drastically reduces streaming costs.


VoddlerNet™ fetches data from multiple sources simultaneously. Combined with avoidance of CDN bottlenecks, customers will be able to stream higher bitrates at lower costs for you.


VoddlerNet™ is deployed on top of existing infrastructures. No duplication of content, custom players, additional server costs, or complicated changes in ingestion flow.

Deploy VoddlerNet™
a brief overview

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When an end-user clicks play, the VoddlerNet™ network needs access to the files that should be streamed. These files can be published manually into the VoddlerNet™ network through our publishing web interface, or published from existing origin server through programmatic API-integration. VoddlerNet™ works with existing origin solutions for minimal storage overhead.


An unobtrusive piece of programmatic logic, provided by Voddler, is added to your video player software, allowing the player to default to the VoddlerNet™ network for video streams.


Node distribution

For VoddlerNet™ to stream, VoddlerNet™ software must be installed on end-user devices. We recommend including the VoddlerNet™ software as part of a consumer-facing branded app (for mobile devices); or as a separate download (or part of other installation requirements.) To encourage downloads, user incentives have been used with great success.


After deployment, use the analytics dashboard to see how your nodes deploy and how your video traffic moves through the VoddlerNet™ network, including its peering grade.

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Through our easy-to-use publishing system interface you can manage your VoddlerNet™ assets


Publish assets

By gaining access to our publishing interface, you can publish your assets, read documentation, and analyze usage metrics.


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